Empowering Neurodiversity: Pioneering Change 

Priorities: Social impact

Empowering Neurodiversity

Is an initiative that continues to evolve, which can help make a profound impact on social corporate responsibility to pioneering change around Neurodiversity . Our dedication to embracing neurodiversity and recognising the immense value that neurological differences bring to the table, including conditions such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Autism, ADHD, and many others. By actively supporting this, your company becomes a catalyst for innovation while fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, where the full spectrum of human potential is celebrated and engaged.

Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

is core to many organisations.

It is essential to recognise that diversity encompasses more than a mere fraction of the workforce, constituting over 20% of individuals in various professional settings. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and support for those with neurodivergent traits, including dyslexia and dyscalculia, your company not only enriches the lives of its employees but also drives positive business outcomes. Companies that prioritise inclusivity and offer unwavering support to individuals with neurodivergent traits consistently outperform their competitors. 

How can your organisation get involved…

Workplace @ Dyslexia Show

15th March NEC Birmingham

  • 6 expert seminars on neurodiversity in the workplace 
  • Network with like-minded professionals 
  • Valuable resources from exhibitors and suppliers 
  • Actionable take aways for you and your team’s development 


£149 + VAT Per Person 

NeuroConnect Limited availability

14th – 15th March NEC Birmingham

  • Fostering inclusion and diversity
  • Exclusive event
  • Full access to Dyslexia Show
  • Evening Networking Dinner 
  • Breakfast roundtable discussion 
  • exchange ideas with like-minded workplace leaders
  • Hotel Room  

£749 + VAT Per Person 

Supporting the ongoing work


  • Showcase commitment to corporate and social responsibility 
  • Play a pivotal role in championing diversity and progress 
  • Attend both Workplace @ Dyslexia Show
  • Recognised as a company that actively supports positive change in  Neurodiversoty

Starting From £7,500