Empowering Neurodiversity: Pioneering Change

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Create inclusive workplaces


Empowering Neurodiversity a transformative campaign that not only changes lives but also carries the torch of progress beyond the Dyslexia Show.

Our mission is clear: to create inclusive workplaces that celebrate individual strengths and talents. As an extension of Workplace @ Dyslexia Show, our commitment extends throughout the year. We empower organisations within the neurodivergent community to tailor their workplace environments, fostering understanding, acceptance, and respect for neurodivergent individuals.

Join our growing community, and together, let’s pioneer change, support each other, and make a profound impact on the journey towards a more inclusive society.

Join us on
15th March

How can your organisation get involved…

Workplace @ Dyslexia Show

15th March NEC Birmingham

  • Six expert seminars on neurodiversity in the workplace 
  • Network with like-minded professionals 
  • Valuable resources from exhibitors and suppliers 
  • Actionable take aways for you and your team’s development 


£149 + VAT Per Person 

NeuroConnect Limited availability

14th – 15th March NEC Birmingham

  • Fostering inclusion and diversity
  • Exclusive event
  • Full access to Dyslexia Show
  • Evening networking dinner 
  • Breakfast roundtable discussion 
  • Exchange ideas with like-minded workplace leaders

£549 + VAT Per Person 

Supporting the ongoing work


  • Showcase commitment to corporate and social responsibility 
  • Play a pivotal role in championing diversity and progress 
  • Attend Workplace @ Dyslexia Show
  • Recognised as a company that actively supports positive change in  Neurodiversoty

Starting From £7,500

by Joining us…

Becoming a part of this campaign is of utmost importance, as it entails embracing a powerful and transformative movement. Together, we possess the potential to shape a future where neurodiversity is not merely acknowledged but celebrated and utilised to propel innovation and progress. It is imperative to arm yourself with a comprehensive understanding of neurodiversity, both as an employer and an employee.

Join us as we initiate this campaign. on March 15, 2024, as we convene at the Workplace @ Dyslexia Show at the NEC for an extraordinary event for employers. This event will serve as a vivid showcase, casting a spotlight on raising awareness and promoting profound knowledge about neurodiversity. Along with being the catalyst for empowering neurodiversity.

However, let’s not stop our efforts there. Take your involvement a step further by participating in the exclusive event, NeuroConnect, a rare opportunity to delve even deeper into the neurodiversity conversation. Starting at 7pm on March 14 NeuroConnect sheds a spotlight on those that want to change, empower and learn from each other. With limited availability for those that want to engage with like-minded organisations this is a remarkable opportunity to understand change and drive ideas further.

On March 16, 2024, ensure that your employees are equipped with the support and knowledge they require to embrace their own neurodiversity. Join us at the Individual @ Dyslexia Show for insights that can genuinely make a difference in their lives.